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Bazil sitting on cat tree

Wicket on cat tree

Bazil and Wicket in run around ball

Bazil and Wicket in run around ball again


Bear sitting

Bear laying on grass


Gremlin With Tiger

Coon Junior, aka CJ

Tiger, Rascal, CJ, and Shadow


Gremlin's Newborn Kittens

Coon Posing


Mystic in the Window

CJ sitting in chair

CJ in the window

Rascal in the window

CJ in the basket napping

Shadow sitting pretty

Mittens and Tiger cuddling in basket

Mittens in chair

Tiger napping

Coon and CJ in Window

Tiger in a Tissue Box

Shadow Sleeping on Coon

Rascal Sleeping

CJ Sleeping

Shadow Sleeping

Tiger Upclose

Coon in the Window

Gremlin with Tiger again