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Digital Drawing/Painting a Day Challenge

I have decided to do an drawing/painting a day. I printed out hundreds of things to draw and will be randomly pulling one from a box each day. The hope is this will get me to keep up with the website as well as make me more comfortable with my drawing tablet. After trying to figure out exactly what kind of digital art this is, painting or drawing, I give up. I'll just call them images for now.

The images will be done on PaintShop Pro X4, using a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium pen tablet, in 1-2 hours or less, depending on how much time I feel like devoting to it that day (so don't expect masterpieces, my digital artwork normally takes weeks to complete). I may miss a day here and there, so will list them as image 1,2,3... etc, with the date under the full size image.


- No premade shapes, image tubes, or stamps

- All paintbrushes and blending tools are allowed

- Only use the tablet's pen, no drawing with the mouse

- No more then 2 hours on a drawing but no less then 30 minutes

- What is printed on the paper pulled from the box is open to my own personal interpetation on that day (I don't have to take what it says literally)

- I must attempt to draw whatever I pull out, but allowed one throw back (to be drawn another time) per day

(Click images for full size)

Image 1

A Jellyfish

Image 2

An Oven

Image 3

A Deserted Island

Image 4

A Feathered Hat

Image 5

A Crash Test Dummy

Image 6

Roller Skates

Image 7

A Turkey Leg

Image 8

A Microphone

Image 9


Image 10

A Box of Cereal

Image 11

Knitting Needles

Image 12 (St Patick's Day Special)

A Shamrock

Image 13

A Pocket

Image 14

A Strawberry

Image 15

A Sled

Image 16

An Open/Closed Sign

Image 17

A Spiderweb

Image 18 (Easter Special)

An Easter Egg Basket

Image 19

A Pickle

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